Wondering why no Paypal or Credit Cards?

Scroll to the bottom of this page for details on Zenith’s struggle with credit card processors.

Good News! Pay with Visa or Mastercard! Our reseller at Inet Herbal does accept VISA and Mastercard! Their prices are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD), but your credit card processor will convert to your currency. Best of all, your parcel will be shipped from Zenith Herbal’s facility in the USA so you’ll have it real fast as if you ordered it directly from Zenith Herbal.

By Country

Pay by either

  • Postpaid Check (We send your order now and you send us a check)
  • Bank Transfer 
  • Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, etc)

See details below

Pay by either:

  • Bank Transfer 
  • Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, etc)

Or order from www.inetherbal.com. They can send you the products and also accept credit card payments.

See details below

By Payment Method

Applies to: USA and Canada

How to send the check (US and Canadian customers):

  • Make the check out to: Uwe Wichmann ( NOT to Zenith Herbal)
  • Write the order number on the check
  • Send the check (with the order number!) to:
    • Zenith Herbal c/o Chuck Smith
      185 Optimist Park Rd
      Lot 27
      NC 27360
    • United States of America

Canada and UK can order from Inet Herbal

Order from www.inetherbal.com. They can send you the products and also accept credit card payments.

Some notes about Postpaid orders:

  • This applies to the payment method “Order now and then Send us a Check “
  • US customers only.
  • The billing and shipping addresses need to be the same
  • the address is a physical address. No PO Boxes etc.
  • A limit of $150 applies to new customers.
  • Send the check ASAP. It needs to arrive at our place in 14 days.

Applies to: USA, Canada, UK

We have bank accounts in various countries that we ship to. Please use the appropriate bank details to make your payment.

United States of America

Try this first: Send funds to hugh@zenithherbal.com from your online banking account. Most banks have this feature.

Popmoney: We cannot accept Popmoney payments. Their service is rubbish and unreliable and they make you wait on the phone forever for “customer service”.

Or: send to either of the following accounts:

1. TransferWise

Account Holder: Zenith Herbal
Account number: 8310073105
ACH Routing Number: 026073150
Address: TransferWise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, 10010, United States

NOTE: Please make sure that I can identify that you are the sender of your payment. The best way is to send us an email with “I just sent you a payment of {amount}”.

2. Bank of America

Account Holder: Uwe Wichmann
Account number: 488061588002
ACH Routing Number:111000025
Address: Bank of America, 3500 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212 US


Order from www.inetherbal.com. They can send you the products and also accept credit card payments. 

United Kingdom

Account Holder: Zenith Herbal
Account number: 69220272
UK Sort Code: 23-14-70
Address: TransferWise, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ, United Kingdom

Order from www.inetherbal.com. They can send you the products and also accept credit card payments.


We strongly suggest you rather buy from our reseller at www.inetherbal.com in Australia.

Applies to: All countries

We accept Crypto Currency.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash

Our addresses are: 

  • Bitcoin BTC: 39wFbX3SMqDbVkqRrmLbfH2bB7sXajo5Kh 
  • Ethereum ETH: 0x2fe744cE1805fd5cA36ddeA32b0B705fFbdBaAd8
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH: 1PsWPqkqf2KF99Rfk81UfK9zVcQhxSmES7
  • Litecoin LTC: LQSvSAwqpLndnVVRqGkq7XfN6kToSGz7HC


Or use the QR:








Bitcoin Cash:





Here’s a brief explanation of some of the difficulties with selling herbal products online as it relates to getting payments processed.


Paypal refuse to process anything related to herbal products and/or supplements. Over the past three years we have had seven Paypal accounts under different names, and they have all been closed. When that happens, we have to wait for 180 days (!!) to get the balance of the account paid to us. As of now, they owe us something in the order of $3000.

No more!

Credit Cards

Normal credit card processing companies like Stripe or Square won’t process transactions in the “herbal supplement” category either, similar to Paypal. Instead, what is required is a “high-risk processing account”, because the banks deem there to be a high risk of chargebacks (customers reversing their credit card payments) in this category.

In order to get a high-risk account I would have to be a US citizen (I’m German) with a long solid credit history based on a SSN, which I don’t have of course.

If by any chance you are in this industry and think you may have a solution we’d be most interested to hear from you! You’d be well compensated.

Better Alternative

Fortunately, we have CryptoCurrencies now. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, etc. Not only are there no transaction fees, the transactions are immediate. Making payments is as simple as using a credit card. You’ll need an account at an exchange though: it’s a simple one-time setup process (simpler than Paypal for example).

Coinbase at www.coinbase.com is the most popular currency exchange. Please take a look and enter a new age of cheap and immediate payments and money transfers.

I look forward to the day when Crypto reaches critical mass and we can all tell these banks to go take a hike!