Capsule Instructions


How To Use Bloodroot Capsules

  • Day 1-3: On the first 3 days, start by taking one capsule after breakfast. If you can’t swallow the capsule, follow this instruction: Open the capsule, mix half of the herb contents with honey, and drink. 
  • Day 4-6: If your stomach can tolerate the initial after-breakfast dose, add one capsule at night after dinner. 
  • Day 7-9: If tolerated, drink two capsules after breakfast. (2 caps after breakfast + 1 cap after dinner)
  • Day 10-12: If tolerated, drink two capsules at night. (2 caps after breakfast + 2 caps after dinner)
  • Day 13 and beyond: If tolerated, increase to two capsules three times a day. (2 caps after breakfast + 2 caps after lunch + 2 caps after dinner)

Important Bloodroot Capsules Instructions:

  • Only increase capsules taken if tolerated by the stomach.
  • Document or mark in your calendars the doses taken to avoid confusion. 
  • Drink plenty of water every day when taking bloodroot capsules.
  • Reduce the dose when you experience these symptoms for long periods: Flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, or nausea.
  • Take a break if you feel lethargic all the time. This is the result of the liver and kidneys detoxified. 
  • Take a break from drinking bloodroot capsules for one to two weeks after drinking for a month. 

Instructions For Treating an Animal:

  • Open one capsule and mix a pinch of the bloodroot capsule content with the wet food.
  • Do this three times a day, daily.
  • Increase the dose gradually if your pet does not experience any adverse reaction. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We wish you health and wellness in your journey of taking Zenith Herbal Bloodroot Capsules.