How to make Bloodroot Paste and use it on Warts and Moles


Bloodroot Paste for Warts and Moles

Also called black or bloodroot drawing paste… 

Using Bloodroot Salve or Paste

The action of sanguinaria on warts and moles is well-documented. It can be easily and safely self-administered. People taking a small dose of bloodroot internally noticed a reduction in size in both warts and moles. Dr. Jonathan L. Hartwell’s work documents the success of this mode of treatment. Bloodroot Salve is different from Bloodroot Paste and does not work on warts and moles in the same way that it works on malignancies.

Bloodroot Paste is a better option for warts, moles, and skin tags, but it needs to be applied more often during the treatment time. It can take about a month to eliminate some lesions, but others may be unaffected. The paste needs to be reapplied every two days, or you can put it on overnight. It is not as powerful as Bloodroot Salve, and the success rate is not as high, probably because of the causes of these lesions vary. The paste is not black but has a dark red appearance.

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Making and using Bloodroot Paste

Please Note

If a scab (eschar) forms during use, do not reapply. This is not usual for paste. The tissue is a neoplasm. Let the process continue without interference, as for Bloodroot Salve.