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Comprehensive Guide to Bloodroot Paste: An Effective Solution for Warts and Moles

Bloodroot Paste, also known as black or bloodroot drawing paste, is a renowned treatment for warts, moles, and skin tags. The efficacy of Bloodroot (Sanguinaria) in treating these skin conditions is well-established and backed by substantial research, including the work of Dr. Jonathan L. Hartwell.

Understanding the Application of Bloodroot Paste

Bloodroot Paste can be safely self-administered with ease. Notably, individuals who have consumed small doses of bloodroot have reported a noticeable reduction in the size of their warts and moles. However, it’s important to distinguish between Bloodroot Salve and Bloodroot Paste. While both have their unique applications, they do not function identically. For instance, Bloodroot Salve does not have the same effect on warts and moles as it does on malignancies.

Choose a Salve

Why Choose Bloodroot Paste for Warts, Moles, and Skin Tags?

Bloodroot Paste is particularly effective for treating warts, moles, and skin tags. However, it requires more frequent application compared to Bloodroot Salve. The treatment duration can vary, with some lesions disappearing within a month, while others may remain unaffected. The paste should be reapplied every two days or applied overnight for optimal results.

While Bloodroot Paste may not be as potent as Bloodroot Salve, it still offers a considerable success rate. The variation in results can be attributed to the diverse causes of these skin lesions. Unlike the salve, the paste has a distinctive dark red appearance, not black.

Important Considerations When Using Bloodroot Paste

During the course of treatment, if a scab (eschar) forms, it’s crucial not to reapply the paste. This occurrence is not typical for paste application and indicates the presence of a neoplasm. In such cases, it’s best to allow the healing process to continue naturally, similar to the protocol for Bloodroot Salve.

For further guidance on preparing and using Bloodroot Paste, refer to our detailed guide here.

Please remember, while Bloodroot Paste is a potent natural remedy, it’s always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment regimen.

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