In the USA Physicians Desk Reference, available in any library or doctor’s office, the top 10 chemotherapy drugs used in the USA all have CANCER as a listed side effect.

In fact, depending on how you interpret the statistics, more cancer patients die from the chemotherapy than of cancer. The medical statisticians count these chemo deaths as a success for chemotherapy because the patient did not die of cancer. A select few know that chemotherapy drugs are not FDA-approved. They are legally administered under the “Rule of Probable Cause”, which states that experimental drugs may be used if the side effect of the drug is no worse than the end effect of the disease. In fact, every chemotherapy bottle is stamped “For Experimental Use Only” and the patient must sign a release before the doctor will prescribe or administer it.

Significantly, there are more and more reports by establishment oncologists doubting the value of chemotherapy, even to the point of rejecting it outright. Biostatistician Dr. Ulrich Abel, of Heidelberg, Germany wrote an article ¨Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer. (Epithelial cancers comprise the most common forms of adenocarcinoma: lung, breast, prostate, colon, etc.) After ten years as a statistician in clinical oncology, Abel became increasingly uneasy. “A sober and unprejudiced analysis of the literature,” he wrote, “has rarely revealed any therapeutic success by the regimens in question in treating advanced epithelial cancer.” 

While chemotherapy is being used more and more extensively, more than a million people die worldwide of these cancers annually – and a majority have received some form of chemotherapy before dying. Abel further concluded, after polling hundreds of cancer doctors, “The personal view of many oncologists seems to be in striking contrast to communications intended for the public.” Abel cited studies that have shown “that many oncologists would not take chemotherapy themselves if they had cancer.” (The Cancer Chronicles) see more

Dr. Hardin B Jones, professor at University of California, conducted a 25 year study that examined the life expectancy of people with cancer and concluded that untreated cancer patients didn’t die sooner than patients who received surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  He actually found that patients who refused conventional cancer treatments actually lived about FOUR TIMES LONGER than those who took them!  These findings have never been refuted to date, and his findings have actually been verified by other researchers.