Black Salve (Cansema)


Fork-In-The-RoadThe Myths: amusing and otherwise

Separating fact from fiction is difficult at the best of times, and the topic of Black or Bloodroot Salve is definitely no exception!

You will see “medical” and “scientific” damnation of bloodroot and zinc chloride paste, yet Frederic Mohs brought it back into popularity, for the very fact that it targets cancer cells and does not damage normal tissue. Dermatological surgeons continue to use Mohs paste today but do not call it black salve or bloodroot salve.

Myth: “Black Salve is corrosive and burns healthy tissue”

  • For every person who makes this claim online, there are literally hundreds of us who have stories of cancers successfully removed. We always test a salve on normal skin to satisfy ourselves that it will not harm normal tissue. But salve will form an eschar or scab when it meets neoplastic or cancerous tissue.
  • There will be a cavity left when the core comes out. Small cavities heal quickly, larger ones take more time. Scarring is usually slight (some skin pigment may be lost), and of course improves with time.
  • Some of the ‘disaster stories’ and pictures that you will see are photos of the scab stage of treatment. There will be no image of the healed site. Just a headline saying, Black Salve Burns Hole in Man’s Head!  What you are seeing is a stage of the treatment. It’s not the final result.
  • If you see a horrible photo by itself – it’s just there for shock value. If there is no photo of the healing stage, you can be sure that you are not getting the entire story.
  • The cavity left when the dead tumor comes out – this is a welcome sight for us who have had a cancer.  It heals well. Infection is almost unheard of.
  • When a tumor is much larger than expected, some people blame the salve for making a ‘larger hole’ than was necessary. You need to satisfy yourself that the salve does not harm normal tissue before beginning a treatment. Do the test! Then you can be confident that the tissue that is removed was part of the lesion.

PS The two popular images of ladies who ‘had their noses burnt off by black salve’ are both actually photos taken after surgery. See more

Look for yourself at some photo or video diaries of treatments. And compare the many cases of clean healing with the some of the scarring left by the scalpel, when a ‘safety margin’ is cut out in an attempt to remove the entire tumor.

Myth: “No-one Knows If Black Salve Works”

The required testing will never be done by the drug companies, because there is no profit in it for them. It is not a drug that can be patented, so it will never be an approved treatment.


Myth: “No-one Knows How Black Salve Works”

Often heard, but absolute rubbish. It works as an immune system modulator, that causes the immune system to recognize the abnormal cells.

This is not a mysterious black magic brew, un-researched and unproven. Below are a number of quotes from medical researchers, who all agree that sanguinarine (from the bloodroot) disrupts the chemistry of abnormal cells, causing cancer cell death, without harming the normal cells adjoining the tumor. Researchers all recommend further research following positive results with various cancers.

  • Sanguinarine has been found effective when tested on resistant cancers eg., breast and pancreatic, as well as prostate and lung cancers
  • Sanguinarine induces apoptosis of human pancreatic carcinoma (AsPC-1 and BxPC-3 cells via modulations in Bcl-2 family proteins) Haseeb Ahsan, Shannon Reagan-Shaw, Jorien Breur, Nihal Ahmad
  • Sanguinarine causes cell cycle blockade and apoptosis of human prostate carcinoma cells (Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2004 Aug;3(8):933-40)
  • Taken together, the data provide evidence that sanguinarine is a potent anticancer agent, which inhibits the growth of bladder cancer cells and induces their apoptosis through the generation of free radicals. (Han MH, Park C, Jin C-Y, Kim G-Y, Chang Y-C, et al. (2013)
  • Apoptosis Induction of Human Bladder Cancer Cells by Sanguinarine through Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Up-Regulation of Early Growth Response Gene-1. PLoS ONE 8(5): e63425. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0063425

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