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Black Salve is an escharotic. The term “eschar” or “escharotic” often comes up in connection with treatment of cancers and lesions.

When the salve comes into contact with a neoplasm or tumor, it “fixes” the cancer and it becomes an eschar (scab, or piece of dead tissue) that is then expelled from the body.

Escharotic: An Overview

The term “escharotic” refers to substances that produce an eschar, a scab or piece of dead tissue. Black Salve, a notable example of an escharotic, is used in the treatment of neoplasms and tumors. Upon application, Black Salve interacts with the tumor, leading to the formation of an eschar, which is subsequently expelled from the body.

Mohs’ paste, utilized by dermatological surgeons, is another form of Black Salve. It is composed of bloodroot and zinc chloride and has the ability to necrotize tumors, turning them into eschar or dead tissue.


  • Escharotic (Reference.com):

    1. A medicinal substance that produces an eschar; caustic.
    2. An agent with escharotic properties.
  • Escharotic (Free Dictionary):

    1. Medically, a substance capable of producing an eschar.
Escharotic Black Salve

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