Capsule Filling Machine, 100 holes, Size “O” with Tamping Tool


  • Made of Premium and Quality Materials
  • Portable, Safe, and Easy to Use
  • Efficient Design with minimal operational effort
  • East to clean, Just use tap water to clean


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Why Choose our 100-Hole Capsule Filling Machine?

High Quality – Made of durable plastic that will last long even with frequent use. Formed with 100 pressed holes plus a tray to hold the machine altogether. Excellent design that assures to last the test of time.

Easy to Use – Due to its excellent design and high-quality material, it is lightweight and easy to handle. This machine is idle to carry around and for people on the go.

Efficient – With the excellent design, making capsules with this machine is both efficient and almost effortless.

Our capsule filling machine is a manually operated tool that anybody can use to start making small batches of capsules. This machine is mostly applicable to small manufacturers and businesses that are making herbal capsules, supplements, and other similar products.

Product Features

  • The capsule filler set includes 6 parts (Alignment Plate, Body Plate, Middle Plate, Cap Plate, Powder Pressing Plate, and Tamping tool).
  • It can make 100 capsules per batch effectively and efficiently.
  • Reduce material waste with its efficient design
  • Made with automation in mind, capsules arrange in the holes with simple manual procedures thus improve filling efficiency.
  • The product is safe due to its rounded corner shapes on the ends to eliminate all sharp edges.
  • This product creates capsule size #0, whose cap length of 10.7-11mm, body length of 18.2-18.5mm, and can hold 500mg of powder material.
  • Personal and small business capsules manufacturing is the ideal use for this product.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Capsule Filler
Product Material: Plastic
Color: Blue
Holes Quantity: 100
Suitable for Capsule Type: 0#
Package Weight: Approx. 816g

How to use 100-Hole Capsule Filling Machine?

  1. Place the Alignment plate on top of the Body plate
  2. Place the right amount of capsule head.
  3. Shake the machine to fille each hole with a capsule head in the capsule plate.
  4. Pour out the excess capsule head and make sure each hole is filled up.
  5. Remove the Alignment plate.
  6. Stack the notched side of the middle plate on the cover.
  7. Place the disc tray on the body plate and make sure they are aligned.
  8. With the right amount of capsule body placed on the cap plate, shake it until each hole is filled up.
  9. Pour out the excess capsule body and remove the disc tray.
  10. Pour the powder material on the body panel.  Scrape back and forth with a tool like a spatula to fill up each capsule body.
  11. Overlap the Middle plate and body panel. The middle plate should be on top. 
  12. With both hands, press down firmly to lock the capsule head with the capsule body. You should hear a locking sound.
  13. Remove the cover to see if any capsule has not been locked. Press gently each capsule that is not locked.
  14. The filled and lock capsules should be on the middle plate. Remove the middle plate.
  15. Tap gently the middle plate to release the capsules.
  16. Store capsules in plastic or glass bottles to complete the packaging.

Image Instructions on how to use the Capsule Filling Machine

Steps on how to use capsule filling machine

What is included in the package?

  • 1 x Alignment Plate
  • 1 x Powder Plate
  • 1 x Body Plate
  • 1 x Middle Plate
  • 1 x Cap Plate
  • 1 x Powder Pressing Plate
  • 1x Tamping tool

Parts of a 100-hole Capsule Filling Machine

Parts of the 200 Capsule Filling Machine



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