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In the USA, there are four ways to transfer money

  • Send to our email address (generally through Zelle), which is free and virtually immediate!
  • SWIFT, which costs the sender about $35, and takes about 3 days.
  • Wire, which costs the recipient about $12. We don’t supply the Wire Routing Code as we cannot receive Wire transfers. Takes about 3 days
  • ACH, which costs the sender about $3. Generally 3 working days, but some banks up to 6 working days. Costs also vary.

More about sending money to our email address

Since about two years most banks, and certainly the larger ones, offer the service to be able to send money directly to someone’s email address or cell phone number.

The banks don’t perform this transfer themselves, instead, they use a third party, much like they use the services of SWIFT and ACH. The company “Zelle” is one of the major players in this “pay-to-email” arena and most large banks will use this, including Bank of America where we have our bank account. You should be able to find a link to transfer money to someone’s email address in your online banking portal. In our case, send the payment to [email protected].

Below is a screenshot from our BoA account when we want to pay someone’s email address.

Screenshot from 2019 04 06 13 15 49