The Superiority of Triple-Strength Bloodroot Capsules

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Why Triple-Strength Bloodroot Capsules are the Superior Choice for Your Health

Imagine having to take handfuls of capsules each day just to meet your health needs. This can be a hassle and impractical. That's why choosing triple-strength bloodroot capsules is a much more convenient and effective solution, saving you from the inconvenience of swallowing numerous single-strength capsules.

Superiority Of Triple-Strength Bloodroot Capsules

When it comes to incorporating bloodroot into your wellness routine, the strength and dosage of the capsules you choose make a significant difference. At Zenith Herbal, we offer triple-strength bloodroot capsules, which provide a more effective and convenient option compared to standard single-strength capsules.

Understanding Bloodroot and Its Uses

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is a perennial herb known for its medicinal properties. Traditionally used by Native Americans, bloodroot has been valued for its ability to treat various skin conditions, respiratory issues, and even as a natural remedy for certain types of cancer. Today, bloodroot continues to be a popular alternative medicine, particularly in the form of capsules for easier ingestion.

Why Choose Triple-Strength Bloodroot Capsules?

  1. Higher Potency: Zenith Herbal’s triple-strength capsules are formulated with a potent blend of herbs, delivering 300mg of herbs per capsule, with 100mg of that being bloodroot. The inclusion of cat's claw and papaya enhances the overall efficacy of the supplement, providing additional health benefits.
  2. Effective Dosage: To achieve a maintenance dose of bloodroot, you would need to take about three to four of our triple-strength capsules daily. In comparison, with single-strength capsules, you would need to take approximately three times as many capsules to achieve the same dosage. This means that with triple-strength capsules you would have fewer capsules to swallow, making it easier to maintain your regimen.
  3. Convenience for Active Treatment: For those requiring an active treatment dose, the difference becomes even more pronounced. A typical active treatment might involve taking ten triple-strength capsules per day. To achieve the same therapeutic effect with single-strength capsules, you would need to consume around thirty capsules daily. This high volume is not only inconvenient but can also be overwhelming to manage.

Analyzing BestOnEarth’s Single-Strength Capsules

Boe Capsules

Single-Strength capsules from Best on Earth Products

BestOnEarth's single-strength bloodroot capsules are another option on the market. To understand how they compare, let’s delve into their ingredient list and formulation.

  • Ingredients: The capsules from BestOnEarth typically contain bloodroot, rice powder as a filler, and other potential herbal ingredients.
  • Amount of Bloodroot: Based on the ingredient list, it is likely that each single-strength capsule contains a significantly lower amount of bloodroot compared to Zenith Herbal’s triple-strength capsules. This lower concentration necessitates a higher number of capsules to achieve the desired effect.

The Role of Fillers

One notable difference between the two products is the use of fillers. BestOnEarth uses rice powder as a filler in their capsules. While fillers are common in supplement manufacturing to ensure consistency and ease of production, they can dilute the potency of the active ingredients.

  • Rice Powder: As a filler, rice powder is generally considered safe and inert. However, it does not contribute any therapeutic value. The presence of fillers like rice powder means that each capsule contains less of the active ingredient, in this case, bloodroot, reducing the overall effectiveness of the supplement.

Practical and Efficient

Bloodroot Capsules

Triple-strength Capsules


By choosing triple-strength capsules from Zenith Herbal, you are opting for a more practical and efficient method of ingesting bloodroot. The convenience of fewer capsules per dose simplifies your routine, making it easier to stick to your regimen and ensuring you receive the full benefits of this powerful herb.


When considering bloodroot supplementation, it’s clear that triple-strength capsules provide a superior option. They offer a higher potency, require fewer capsules per dose, and are more convenient for both maintenance and active treatment. Additionally, the inclusion of complementary herbs like cat's claw and papaya in Zenith Herbal’s formulation enhances the overall benefits, making it a smarter choice for your health and well-being.

Make the smart choice for your health and well-being by opting for Zenith Herbal's Triple-Strength Bloodroot Capsules. For more information or to purchase, visit our product page here.