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Why no Paypal or Credit Cards?

This is a recurring question that comes up, and here is the short answer:


The credit card processing companies (Paypal included) do not like to process payments for any product that they perceive to constitute a risk in terms of falling foul of legislation, legislative changes, etc. These are all financial risks that just aren’t worth their while mostly. One of these categories of products is known as “nutraceuticals” in the financial industry and they shy away. From their point of view, we fall into that category.

Bloodroot and Graviola

In addition to that, bloodroot and Graviola occupy a special little space in this world of financial risk. Both these herbs are deeply frowned upon by the FDA and other legislators, which means that the perceived risk is even higher than normal.

The result is that we cannot find a credit card processor, however hard we have tried. Regulations simply make it impossible to open a new account.

Current Payment Methods Available

Please understand the problem and simply transfer to our bank account or send us a check or pay us by Bitcoin

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