Papaya: What It Can Do!

Today, the leaves of Carica papaya are being used worldwide for skin and digestion problems, cataracts, diabetes, blood cell imbalances, and – cancer. Capsules are the convenient way…

The Bloodroot Herb: Hush-hush

The Plant They Want to be Forgotten Glancing through the posts released and supported by allopathic medicine and big pharma, you might wonder why the medical establishment hates this plant and herb, Bloodroot, so much.  A herbalist was recently forced to remove a...

Photo Diary of Bloodroot Salve Treatment

This man chose the bloodroot salve treatment so as not to lose part of his nose to surgery. Pictures of a completed black salve treatment and perfect healing are posted on the success stories page. Here you can see the eight stages of his treatment.
The little scar that remains was actually caused by the biopsy that showed the tumor was a squamous cell carcinoma.