Mike Wallace

Drug Company Exec Makes Disgusting Admission on National TV

DMSO is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory compound, safe and non-toxic. It is also known to have many other uses that are guaranteed to knock your socks off! (More info) Yet it’s “approved” as veterinary medicine only. 

We all suspect it’s true, but it was still shocking for some. Others of us were angry. But the executive admitted it. Even if a substance is the medical find of the century, drug companies won’t bother with it – unless the big dollars are there. Unashamedly he admitted that profits do come before people. Obviously there is no concern that their customers will be concerned about their “professional integrity”?

It happened  with Mike Wallace on Sixty Minutes, aired on CBS. The program was called “The Riddle of DMSO.” They were discussing the astounding potential of this inexpensive substance – and why it is being ignored. 

The drug company executive stated:

I don’t care if DMSO is the major drug of our century and we all know it is – it isn’t worth it to us (financially).

FDA Director Agrees

FDA Drugs director J. Richard Crout also affirms and accepts this greedy attitude as a given. “DMSO is a low toxicity and safe compound… I think that it is a fact of life that drug companies are not going to invest in something unless they think there is some (serious) financial return.”

Here is absolute proof that drug companies and FDA (who have failed approve the substance) are not motivated by the good of the people they purport to serve.

The Credentials of DMSO

A search for DMSO on the U.S. National Library of Medicine yields almost 30,000 indexed results. It is one of the most studied compounds of our time. Yet, DMSO is not approved for use even though it is effective and its low toxicity profile is unquestionable.

DMSO is a common chemical that can be manufactured cheaply. No drug company can get an exclusive patent since it is also a natural compound. Despite restrictions on the use of DMSO, thousands of Americans purchase it on the ‘black market’ each year. Its growing popularity is due ‘word of mouth’. When you have something that relieves all kinds of ailments, including some life-threatening ones, people naturally recommend it to friends and family.