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The Top Wellness Blogs by Categories: Fitness, Nutrition & Mental Health

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If you’re not in the best state of your health, everything else follows. Your job, relationships, everyday functioning, and of course, the chance to live a happy life. That’s why it’s always important to have the knowledge you need to take care of your health. Here at Zenith Herbal, we give you the top wellness blogs by category: Fitness, Nutrition, and Mental Health. Make sure to also check out the blog posts on our page for informative content about bloodroot and many more.

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  • ACE Insights Blog: ACE stands for the American Council on Exercise. It contains fitness articles tackling different topics about exercises routines. In there, you can find exercise tips for beginners, strength training, yoga, and many more. If you plan to lose weight or just want to have a healthy exercise routine, you should definitely check out the site.
  • The Art of Healthy Living: The Art of Healthy Living contains fun and easy-to-read blog posts about fitness, food, beauty, home, and overall wellbeing. By reading their posts, you can easily get motivated to jumpstart your fitness journey today.
  • Nerd Fitness: The Nerd Fitness blog shares health and fitness advice, thanks to their expert team and from the support of a worldwide community. Aside from their engaging and fun blog posts, the Nerd Fitness site also offers programs like online coaching and at-home workouts. Perfect for those who prefer to stay at home and those who feel like going to the gym is a part of their fitness routine.
  • MyFitnessPal Blog: This is the blog site of the popular fitness app MyFitnessPal. The MyFitnessPal app is a smartphone app where users can track their diet and exercise. On the blog site, there are also fitness exercises, recipes for healthy meals, home workouts, and many more.
  • Shape: The Shape is a monthly English language fitness magazine and is one of the best women’s fitness magazines worldwide. On the blog site, you can read hundreds of free wellness articles, step-by-step workouts, blogs about mental health, and advice for healthy eating. They also feature weight loss videos and a 30-day challenge to motivate you to become healthier and stronger.


  • Bites of Wellness: The Bites of Wellness is founded by Samantha Rowland, a nutrition coach, personal trainer, and fitness chef. Moreover, what many people love about the site is the specific recipes for healthy eating. On the site, you can see low-carb meals, gluten-free recipes, and dairy-free foods. Not many wellness blogs have these specific recipes, and we’re glad Bites of Wellness have thought about this.
  • Eating Bird Food: For healthy snacking, nutritious food for your kids, and healthy foods all the way, Eating Bird Food is a resourceful site you should definitely check out. The site is managed by the holistic nutritionist named Brittany Mullins, and we love everything about it. The site is very well organized into recipe or meal categories. If you’re in a mood for tomatoes, corn, peaches, blueberries, oatmeal, or no-bake protein balls, you can find many delicious and healthy meals on the site. You can also subscribe to a free 3-day healthy meal plan from the site to kickstart your healthy eating habits.
  • Health Magazine: The Health blog site is by the magazine Health. The blog site is not just about a nutrition site; it also provides whole-life advice and inspiration for both men and women. Moreover, Health encourages, empower and educate their readers on how to live a healthy life.


  • Calm: If you need mental health tips and a good read, Calm is definitely worth checking out. Furthermore, they also have a relaxation app, where you can listen to guided meditation and mindfulness practices. Apart from this, you can also read tips on reducing stress or how to sleep well.
  • DailyOM: DailyOM is a wonderful blog site featuring inspirational blog posts. In this inspirational portion of the site, you can see featured articles about Self-Improvement, Healthy Living, Meditation, Relaxation, Art, Writing, and many more. They also offer courses like 14 Day Pilates Body and 21 Day Tabata Yoga Body Challenge. The site will surely change your life.
  • HealthyPlace: This is a beautiful site containing many mental health blogs that address certain mental health issues. For those suffering from mental health problems or have loved ones suffering from any mental health problems, this site can be helpful.
  • Mindbodygreen: The tagline of the website is “Where soul meets science”. That is why all the blog posts you can see on the site are mental health blogs and wellness articles backed by science and studies. You can also read fitness and exercise tips on the site.

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