black salve (cansema)


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Black bloodroot drawing salve, bloodroot paste, black salve warts

The bloodroot product that is used as a drawing salve (for splinters, boils etc.) is made from bloodroot and contains no zinc chloride. It is apparently quite effective for warts, moles, skin tags, etc. Read more

Black salve for skin cancer, black salve cancer treatment, amazon black salve

Black salve is a paste made using bloodroot and zinc chloride. Users report it is highly effective on neoplasms and lesions. It causes a strong immune reaction that will see the lesion ejected from the body. Read more

Black salve ingredients

A good salve will contain bloodroot, zinc chloride, galangal, graviola, chaparral, DMSO, glycerine and water. There is an information page about each of the ingredients here on this site.

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