The Demon Zinc

Dr Norman Brooks

“Zinc Chloride Paste Still Valuable”

Dr Norman Brooks, a skin cancer specialist, and was speaking at a meeting sponsored by the American Society for Mohs Surgery. A cancer fighter that has a two-hundred-year history is still valuable for treating melanomas, said he, speaking of the demon zinc. He does not mention bloodroot though it was in the original recipe.

Read What He Said Next

“Zinc chloride paste not only penetrates and kills even thick melanomas, it appears to stimulate a strong immune reaction that decreases the likelihood of metastasis and recurrence.”  

And there is a possibility of cancer cells getting into the bloodstream during surgery, he said (apparently only a possibility – they don’t really know – or admit this). The good doctor believes that Zinc chloride has proven in tests to reduce the spread of new tumors.

The work of Dr Wells was mentioned (successfully treating breast cancer with zinc chloride and bloodroot)… though his name was not. He used the same salve as Harry Hoxsey. Dr Frederic Mohs used basically the same paste, because of the ability of the bloodroot to actually kill cancer cells.

Wells and Hoxsey were drummed out of town for using bloodroot and zinc paste, whereas Mohs the plagiarist became famous. The difference? Mohs added surgery. The AMA was happy with this. Letting a cancer come out by itself is not a good look for the medical industry.

Dr Brooks gets it right… “The zinc chloride paste… fixes the (cancer) tissue into a firm mass… leaving a portion of the fixed tissue in place for several more days causes a strong vaccine-like reaction… the beginning of a systemic immunologic response.”

Thousands of black salve users have experienced this immune response, and then watched their cancer actually come out.