New Support Center

All our help and support information has now been moved to a dedicated support site. You arrive there by clicking on the SUPPORT button to the right of every page on the Zenith Herbal site.

We had started to get a bit lost among all the email enquiries, so now we have a nice way to keep track and never “lose” any.

We will keep adding Knowledgebase articles which will help you to get many of your queries answered without needing to contact us and wait for a return email. All Support and Help related content will be moved there.

We check and respond to enquiries at least twice daily, so don’t worry – it won’t take long.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I start looking for information?

    We manage a Facebook Group called “The Bloodroot Salve Discussion Group” with many dedicated helpful members who will be more than happy to help you out. We also provide support and help with Bloodroot Capsules.

  • To Find Information about Bloodroot…

    There is a world of information out on the internet about bloodroot and its uses. A great place to start is our sister site at

  • Do you supply medical advice?

    Sadly, we cannot give medical advice over the phone, nor would we want to. We are not trained medical professionals.

  • This list keeps extending

    We will extend this list as we keep answering questions that arrive by email. So keep them coming!