Understanding Escharotic Treatment : How’s and why’s?

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Do you have a family member diagnosed with life threating disease? Having terminal ailement in the family means you may carry the hereditary cancer cells. For any form of cancer, early detection is the key to cure. If you’re concerned about this issue, you came to the right place. Learn more about escharotic treatment. Protect yourself and your loved ones with escharotic treatment. 


What Is Escharotic Treatment?

Escharotic treatments involve herbal preparations of bloodroot (Sanguinaria) and chloride. It is believed that the direct application of bloodroot salve to the cervix, cervical canal, penis, and anus results in the removal of HPV-infected cells and, for ladies, treat cervical dysplasia.

HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus, commonly known as genital warts. It is a sexually transmitted infection but is not c*****ous. In some cases, it may be harmless and goes away on its own. However, in some cases, genital warts are the risk factor for c***** of the cervix, vagina, penis, or anus. In short, both men and women who have HPV can benefit from escharotic treatment. 

penile genital warts

A Photo of Penile Genital Warts

How Is Escharotic Treatment Done?

Escharotic treatments involve herbal preparations of bloodroot (sanguinaria) and chloride. It is believed that bloodroot salve results in the removal of HPV-infected cells. This is for the cervix, cervical canal, penis, and anus.

The usual treatment in women is once a week, which lasts for up to 8-10 weeks. After six weeks, there will be a repeat pap smear with HPV testing. This is to determine if there is still a presence of HPV infected cells. 

Depending on the severity, the treatment is twice a week for cervical dysplasia, for 5-6 weeks. During the treatment, the removal of the superficial layers of the cervix occurs. The treatment does not have any adverse effects like bleeding, scarring, or pain. 


Is Escharotic Treatment Effective?

Yes, escharotic treatments are safe for both men and women. However, during the treatment, stick to a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. This is to increase the effectiveness of escharotic treatment. The treatment does not only remove abnormal and HPV-infected cells. It also strengthens the immune system to fight HPV with minimal to no side effects.


Is Escharotic Therapy Safe?

Yes, escharotic therapy is safe. The bloodroot solution used in escharotic treatment only targets the bad cells. Although, more evidence-based studies need to back this claim. In fact, it is an ideal treatment to remove abnormal cells. Especially for women concerned about fertility, pregnancy, or menstrual cycle issues. 

It is a safer option for those who do not want scarring from surgery. Medical procedures like LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) remove abnormal cells that can potentially scar the cervix. This may lead to prolonged bleeding and can be a cause of miscarriage or preterm labor. 


Topical Solution Used For Escharotic Therapy

During escharotic therapy, the commonly used product contains herbal ingredients. The solution usually contains bloodroot and zinc chloride. Bloodroot has many medical benefits, one of which is to remove warts, including genital warts. Bloodroot is popular in the alternative medical community to treat skin c*****. Thanks to its active ingredient called sanguinarine or salve

What makes bloodroot an excellent ingredient for escharotic therapy? 

Bloodroot has high antioxidant contents. It is believed to be potent enough to remove skin growths like warts and even benign tumors. As a result, the application of escharotic agents kills genital warts. It dies and falls off without harming the healthy cells.

How about zinc chloride? What does it do to make it effective for escharotic treatment? 

Zinc chloride is a common ingredient used in topical formulas. Furthermore, it helps to clean the skin by inhibits the growth of microorganisms. Its protein coagulation effect kills bad cells or tissues.
In conclusion, the combination of bloodroot and zinc chloride makes it a perfect formula. This is to remove warts, skin tags, and even moles. When combined with DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide), a tumor suppressant, it is a formula highly effective to kills HPV cells


Where To Buy Black Salve For Escharotic Treatment?

Bloodroot formulas for escharotic treatment can now be easily purchased online. However, it’s hard to find the right combination of bloodroot, zinc chloride, and DMSO. Furthermore, it’s more challenging to find a trustworthy source. 

Fortunately, Zenith Herbal came up with this miracle formula of Bloodroot Salve with DMSO and zinc chloride, used for escharotic therapy. If you want to know more about the benefits of Zenith Herbal Bloodroot Salve, read here. Aside from the topical solution, learn more about the medicinal benefits of the Bloodroot Capsules with Cat’s Claw and Papaya Extract.

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