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Diseases Cured – But Not By Medicine

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So How are Diseases Really Cured?

Well firstly… what is a disease? What is a medicine? Here are two simple definitions.

  • Disease: a medical condition diagnosed by a doctor. Bacterial infection, cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s, hypertension, depression, the common cold etc.
  • Medicine: a substance marketed to treat a disease, recognized as a drug by the FDA (or equivalent).

Cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, depression, and the common cold, are all diseases that have symptoms and can be ‘treated’ with medicines.

But they cannot be ‘cured’, according to current “medical” textbooks!

But in reality, many diseases can be cured by “healthicines” – healthy actions and healthy foods. Many thousands of cures (from eczema to cancer) are claimed by people using nutrition and natural supplements.

A good example is Scurvy – a deficiency of Vitamin C. The only cure for scurvy is Vitamin C. You can cure scurvy with oranges, lemons, limes – and many other foods containing Vitamin C. According to medical science, we can cure scurvy with Vitamin C or ascorbic acid supplements. But you can’t cure scurvy with medicines. You can cure it with food! Just as garlic can kill an infection, and aloe vera can heal an inflamed bowel.

Every necessary nutrient has one or more corresponding diseases that result when they are deficient, and many have other diseases that result when excessive amounts are consumed. These cannot be cured by medicines – they can only be cured by more, or less of the foods containing the nutrient.

Article Source: WakeUpWorld